Haribo is going to open its first factory in the United States by 2020. It will be opened in Wisconsin, just a few miles from Chicago.

The Haribo factory is set to be completed in 2020 in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The town is in the district that is represented by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

It will create more than 400 jobs, according to Governor Scott Walker. It will cost upwards of $242 million that will be directly in the United States economy.

“On behalf of the state, I want to thank HARIBO for its decision to establish its North American manufacturing operations in Kenosha County, and I applaud the company for its commitment to Wisconsin,” Governer Walker said in a statement.

“Over the past year, more people have been employed in Wisconsin than ever before,” he continued.

Americans should be thrilled at this new news, and they should be thanking President Donald Trump as he is party responsible.

Rick LaBerge, Executive Vice President and COO at HARIBO of America Inc. said this in a statement, “We have examined many different sites. We are very excited to announce this important decision today.”

“We are embarking on building one of the largest facilities in the confectionery industry,” said Wes Saber, Executive Vice President.

Look at these jobs being creating left and right because of President Trump’d policies. There is a reason that things like this never happened under former President Obama. We have finally seen what it looks like to have a solid Republican President in office.

Are you guys excited to see these kind of job being created? Who else loves HARIBO products and are excited about it being here in the United States?