More and more in recent years, celebrities and entertainers have felt the need to play the role of political pundit, rather than sticking to what they know best.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is full of liberals, and lefty celebrities have taken it upon themselves to use their celebrity status to make political statements, primarily by attacking conservatives and anyone supporting traditional values.
One country superstar just shut them all down with eight brutal words, and they’re going to be furious.

Martina McBride has been a major country star for nearly twenty-five years. In fact, she released her another single “Reckless” in 2016 and has extended her “Love Unleashed Tour” into this year. Of course, along with another tour comes many interviews and appearances to help promote her album, but when she was interviewed by Fox News, things took a more political turn.

During her recent interview, when the topic of politics and whiny Hollywood elites came up, the singer shut down the hateful bunch with just eight brutal words: “My job is to entertain, not talk politics” —  a lesson all celebrities need to learn.

Although many celebrities feel that their political opinions matter, there’s one thing they’re forgetting: it’s not their job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a singer, actor, or producer, your career isn’t about influencing the political arena. What’s more, those in these positions are so far removed from the reality that everyday Americans face, they really should not be trying to speak for us.

Although they have the right to speak their personal opinion, career-related events shouldn’t be used as a stepping stool to spew their political nonsense, unless they want to shoot themselves in the foot. Their fans want to enjoy their work, not be bombarded by their political agenda.

It’s widely known that celebrities are so out-of-touch with the realities ordinary citizens face, they truly have no place trying to enforce their political beliefs. When people are watching these celebrities perform, whether they paid for a concert, movie, or are watching a televised program at home, they’re only interested in what they purchased, not the opinions of superstars.

The fact that these celebrities think they can say and do whatever they want during these events only further proves how out-of-touch they truly are. Perhaps Hollywood liberal elitists can learn a thing or two from Martina McBride and her success. The 50-year-old star is proof that the more focused you are on what you’re good at, the happier and more fulfilling your career will be.

h/t: madworldnews