As is the case with the United States, England has just about as many bleeding heart liberals, which has created a society of dependence. No wonder there is a migrant camp in Calais, France with over 10,000 waiting to get across the channel.

This “Gentleman” does not need a nursing degree from a university, he already has one from, The College of “Living off the fat of the Land”. How dare he with a wife and 8 children, no job, and no prospects, carry on, beyond their means to such a level. It is the height of selfishness.

The taxpayers may also be grumpy now that is it known that they paid for Arnold Malle Sube, his wife and their eight children to stay in a $200 suite at a Hilton hotel for four months while the council tried to find a home that suited Sube’s requirements.

The final bill for the hotel stay was $50,000, but of course that doesn’t include the $28,000 for room service that the family required.

Sube says the family needs “at least six double bedrooms to live comfortably,” and claims, “me and my family have been neglected. The council is trying to make things hard for us. My wife is a full-time mother and I am a student. They’re just making excuses.”

He has hired an attorney to take action against the council to get the home the family deserves, in addition to the $60,000 in benefits and childcare credits.

The Luton Borough Council isn’t sympathizing, issuing a statement that read, “After a generous offer on our part, we have done our bit and if housing is offered and declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer property to another family.”
Maybe the next family will find the rent-free five-bedroom home more to its liking – even though it doesn’t have a formal dining room.

Meantime, the Subes and their eight kids face eviction because he can’t possibly consider forcing his children to live in the small home the British taxpayers are offering.

h/t: usherald