Since the party’s embarrassing losses in both the Congressional and White House races, many Democrats in Washington have been in opposition of every move the new administration has made. None of them have acted out quite like Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Waters has publicly proclaimed to disrespect the President of the United States on several occasions, such as when she released a statement in regards to her decision to not attend President Trump’s speech to Congress last week.

In Waters’ statement prior to the president’s speech, she said, “I don’t honor him, I don’t respect him and I don’t want to be involved with him.”

Over the weekend, Rep. Waters did an interview with MSNBC’s ‘AM Joy’, where she claimed President Trump is “not normal, and he does not deserve to be honored.” She continued by saying the president is not someone who “deserves to be president of the United States.”

Waters finished her negativity toward Trump by saying, “I don’t go to these ceremonial events where you’re praising and honoring and exchanging niceties. And for those people who say, ‘Oh, he became presidential,’ he did not. He cannot become presidential. He is who he is. And I mean, whatever his socialization was, whatever his upbringing was, he is not someone that deserves to be president of the United States of America, respecting and honoring others, because he does not.”

You can see Waters’ entire interview with MSNBC here:

To many of her supporters, Rep. Waters is simply standing up to the opposing party by refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election. Many others would argue that given her position in public office, Waters should show respect to any president who holds office, even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with them.

If you dig a little deeper into her history, and the “great causes” she claims to fight for, you’ll see that she hasn’t exactly been a stand-up member of Congress over the span of her career. In fact, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, listed Waters as one of the most corrupt Congress members of all time in their 2009 report.

As it turns out, Waters is part of the ‘swamp’ Trump is trying to drain.

During the financial crisis, Waters used her authority as a member of the House Financial Services Committee to urge Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank and discuss possible bailouts and government aid, which the bank ultimately received.

Sounds like a great thing, right? A Congresswoman is using her status in the government to help a minority-owned bank try and stay afloat during the worst period for the American economy since the Great Depression. Not exactly.

Waters failed to mention to other members of the House Financial Services Committee, and Treasury officials, that her husband, Sidney Williams, owned stock in the bank. Rep. Waters deliberately put her family in a position to make money off of a decision made by the government she represents.

“By contacting then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to request a meeting, allegedly for a group of minority-owned banks, but then arranging for only one bank – OneUnited, in which she had a financial interest – to attend, Rep. Waters violated House conflict of interest rules,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.

Waters had also contacted another member of Congress, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), and informed him that her husband not only owned stock, but was also once a board member at OneUnited. Frank informed her that she needed to cut ties with any situation dealing with the bank to ensure she didn’t encroach upon any sort of ethics violation. Waters continued to work with the bank.

Instead of taking the advice of one of her peers, who obviously had her best interest in mind, Waters chose to recruit her grandson, Mikael Moore, to work alongside her as she continued to meet with bank officials to discuss bailout options. Moore, who was also Waters’ chief of staff, worked as a buffer between her and the bank’s representatives. After meeting with the officials, she then represented them in fighting for federal assistance.

In 2009, the ordeal was reported to the House Ethics Committee after Waters’ financial disclosure showed her husband’s stock in OneUnited. After many scheduled hearings that were postponed by the committee, they finally agreed to hire an independent investigator, D.C. attorney Billy Martin, to take on the case.

Rep. Waters defended her actions in setting up meetings on OneUnited’s behalf by describing herself as a long time “advocate for minority communities and businesses.” The bank called itself a “beacon of hope” in minority neighborhoods. In a letter to the Treasury Department in 2008, the bank wrote, “Unlike majority banks,which principally focus on profit, the express mission of minority banks is to promote these under-banked, underprivileged communities.” Their loan records proved to be completely different, though.

During the investigation, the bank was found to have helped a lot fewer inner-city clients than it claimed, and more wealthy individuals in places like Martha’s Vineyard and Miami. Not only could Rep. Waters not get her story straight, neither could OneUnited.

In 2012, Waters was found to be innocent by Martin. Due to lack of evidence, as well as witness accounts from other House Financial Services Committee members, no ethics violations were proven to exist. “Representative Waters went above and beyond what was required of her,” said committee member Rep. Steven C. LaTourette (R-OH). “There is nothing left with Representative Waters.”

The entire investigation lasted three years and cost taxpayers a lot of money. For what? All of that work for another government official to get away with blatantly breaking the law she was appointed to protect.

For someone who has been proven to be a corrupt member of Congress, Rep. Waters has no business working to undermine and disrespect the President. If she wants to continue to serve this country in her position as a representative, she needs to learn how to work with Trump and his administration to tackle common goals. If she, and other members of Congress cannot continue to do their jobs, there is no need for them in our government.