Chelsea Clinton the daughter of twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, fired back at President Donald Trump over the highly-publicized comments he made about Andrew Jackson and the American Civil War.

On Monday, President Trump stated during an interview that former President Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War had he served at a later date.

“I mean had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart,” Trump told the Washington Examiner.

Chelsea saw an opening to take on the man who destroyed the Clinton dynasty, Donald Trump, but she didn’t realize that wasn’t the smartass tweet that she was hoping for. Instead, it only brought on an attack.

“Clinton failed to acknowledge that Jackson founded the Democratic party. Clinton’s rant completely left out that he created the party her entire family aligns and identifies with publicly. People across social media lambasted her on Twitter for her hypocrisy,” reports BizPac Review.

Others joined in, setting the misguided Clinton straight.

It’s the biggest secret the Democratic Party doesn’t want anyone to know. It was the Democrats who blocked Abe Lincoln in passing an anti-slavery law, not the Republicans. It was the Democrats who stopped the Civil Rights Act, not the Republicans. Ku Klux Klan members were all Democrats, Southern Democrats to be exact. This evil history is what they fail to tell you, and sadly, our schools have stopped teaching history.

It wasn’t until after the Civil Rights Act that Democrats started thinking about how they should become the champions of minorities. If blacks were given the right to vote, then the Democrats wanted to take advantage of them, so they started to court them into their party, effectively becoming their new masters as they enslaved them with government “benefits.”

But, don’t tell all of this to Chelsea Clinton, who just won another award. That’s rights, many of you may know the liberals are coming out, fawning over Chelsea for her many “accomplishments.” The problem is, we don’t know what those achievements are, so they gave her an award for boxing grapefruits. No, that’s not a joke.

“On Tuesday, Clinton, 37, was honored with the City Harvest Award for Commitment for her work with the Clinton Foundation’s Day of Action program. In early 2017, Clinton and staff from the Clinton Foundation spent a day packing 25,000 pounds of grapefruit for needy New York residents,” reports Daily Wire.

Clinton stated, “We believe in City Harvest because no child should go hungry,” adding these tweets:

Yes, the Clinton Foundation, that bastion of philanthropy, has gained Chelsea another award for giving out grapefruit. Make no mistake, the award is for being Chelsea Clinton, birthed by the liberals’ beloved Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure what Chelsea has done to merit any kind of serious award, and certainly, there should be penalties detracting from her award for working in her family’s criminal enterprise, the Clinton Foundation.

Can they be any more transparent about shoving Bill and Hillary’s offspring in our faces? The answer is, “no,” we don’t want Chelsea anywhere near any political office, so they need to stop selling her so hard. The Clinton dynasty is over and it’s time the get over losing to Donald Trump, too.

h/t: usatwentyfour