President Donald Trump went to New York for the first time since he moved into the White House. His intention was to give speech in front of the decommissioned aircraft, the USS Intrepid, and to have a good time with his family.

However the cruel liberal’s didn’t welcome him in the proper way instead they attacked him.

They were yelling “New York Hates You”.

Trump is a target since he became president. His wife and his son are constantly under attack for not living in the White House.

One anti-Trump liberal suggested that “NY Hates Trump” would look just as good on a t-shirt as the famous “I Love NY.”

They are losing it! These sick idiots still can’t accept him as a president! They still can’t figure it out that he is the right person for America!

Dozens of these sick liberals took to Twitter to share their nasty messages:

Donald Trump needs our support now, more than ever!

Please share this article and show your support to President Donald Trump! Let’s show him that there are people who STILL support him, no matter what.

Also let’s pray that President Trump will stay SAFE in NY, because there are thousands of these idiots who won’t stand seeing him in public.

h/t: usanewsflash