Again another example of 13% of the population committing 90 % of the crime as usual and why their kind can only fight by hitting from behind, using a weapon or ganging up and jumping someone they are the most cowardly race there is. With very few exceptions.

A disgusting video has surfaced on the Internet, showing what happened when ‘man’ attacked a random stranger who is sitting peacefully at a bus stop.

This video was uploaded to LiveLeak last Wednesday. Also, there are some speculations that the victim of the attack may be homeless because he was carrying what appears to be a sleeping bag.

The video shows a group of 4 black men at a bus station. Suddenly one of them assaults the white man sitting at the bus stop for no apparent reason. The attacker wears what appears to be some sort of MMA gloves to protect his knuckles.

Tough guys 4 on one…that’s how they fight. But unfortunately for him, things do not go as planned for the assailant as the homeless man returns the favor 10 times over knocking the thug to the ground and giving him a few extra blows for good measure.

After the thug gets back up on his feet, he tries to get the fight going again… But once again the white guy shows him that he is not playing games, He knocks the thug with his sleeping bag pushing him back to the ground which draws laugh from the thug’s friends.

I wonder…Why bother someone who is not bothering you? Thank God they all didn’t attack. However, this idiot was lucky the victim didn’t have a surprise of is own, a gun!

This is exactly why the black community gets a bad name and find it hard to overcome this stereotype, they just prove to us every time that the stereotype is true…

I’m not saying all blacks are this way because I know a lot of hard working and contributing black members of society, and they are great people, but more of them are acting this way… that way makes it very hard to break out of their stereotype.