Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have been leading the #NeverTrump movement since the beginning. They have also been working for decades to tear the Republican party apart so only liberals remain.

Via Daily Mail:

“The conservative Koch network is promising to spend millions of dollars to defeat the health care overhaul backed by President Donald Trump and top House Republicans.

The network’s leading organizations, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, announced late Wednesday the creation of a special fund to support House members who vote against the health care bill.

The announcement, which comes on the eve of the House vote, marks the influential conservative network’s most aggressive move against the health care proposal, which is under attack from the right and the left.

The organizations backed by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch declared their formal opposition to the GOP health care proposal Monday.
Like other conservatives, they decried the legislation as a new entitlement program that doesn’t go far enough in repealing President Barack Obama’s health care law.”

Every morning I wake up to another liberal trying to take down Trump and destroy our country. It seems as if these so called rich and powerful want to control the world so they can keep us “low class” people under their thumb.

Koch…this is one battle you will lose because money can’t buy everything.

Hopefully more and more Americans will realize that the mega millionaires are spending huge amounts of their money fighting President Trump. They don’t care about our country, they just care about themselves!

We the people are sick and tired of all the corruption that runs our free country….that’s why there is going be lots of new members in Congress.

If Koch brothers are plotting to overthrow the administration they should be charged with sedition and possibly treason. Just because they are wealthy does not mean they can buy the American people!!