If there is one issue that Americans on both the right and the left can agree upon, it is that the opioid addiction in this country has spiraled out of control, largely due to our nation’s heavy over-dependence on prescription painkiller drugs.

According to WSB-TV, a drug den in Georgia that had been contributing to the opioid scourge was recently shut down by law enforcement officials, and investigators found a somewhat humorous way to let the addicts served by that location know that they’d have to start shopping for a new dealer.

At the conclusion of a months-long investigation, and in conjunction with tips and assistance from the local community, the Telfair County Sheriff’s Office raided a home in Lumber City, in the southern end of the state, and discovered thousands of prescription pills of various kinds, as well as numerous firearms, gambling machines and more than $12,000 in cash.

The sheriff’s office posted a detailed description and pictures of the results of its effort to shut down the drug house on its Facebook page, including a sign the deputies had crafted and left in the yard as a message to local drug addicts, which read: “Pill house is closed.”

The deputies also placed under arrest the owner of the house, 69-year-old Arthur Alex Sirmans, and 25-year-old Bethany Dawn Thompson.