A letter to homeland security was signed by thirty one senators that undermines everything Donald Trump is trying to accomplish when it comes to bringing jobs back to American citizens. The kicker? Twenty of those senators are REPUBLICAN!

From Top Secret Leaks:

 Thirty-one Senators signed a letter asking Homeland Security to maximize the number of blue collar outsourcing visas that allow U.S. based corporations to import low-skilled workers instead of hiring Americans to do the work.

The number of H-2B visas issued had long been held to 66,000 visas but was wildly expanded by Obama in the last year of his presidency, to 264,000.  Now, almost 40% of the Republican caucus wants to keep it at that level.

These are the turncoat Republican senators:

Below is Jeff Sessions on the topic of H-2B visas:

Now we can add these 20 to the list of Democrats not to vote for. We stand with President Trump. Out with the Old, in with the NEW!

They need to start doing the job they are being paid to do. Our president, that we the American people elected, is passing laws to help this Country. Get off your butt and help him if you can’t do that leave the country. Enough said!

source: http://redrocktribune.com/